I’m back… and I’ll do better this time

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, and for that, I’m sorry.

I got really busy in the fall, between building out the SUSE product marketing team and getting ready to launch that small little deal that Novell signed with Microsoft, and for whatever reason, this blog just fell off my radar screen.

Over the past couple weeks, though, it’s become apparent to me that I need a way to communicate directly with the community, a place where I can say what I think and more importantly fix any mistakes in the press where I may have been misquoted. (Yes, misquoting does happen, despite the best intentions of my friends in journalism.) I’ve found that I’m replying to other people’s blogs these days — like my friend Matt Asay’s blog over at InfoWorld (well, I consider Matt a friend; I’m not sure what he considers me) — or that I find myself wishing that I had a forum to reply.

Now I’m back and I’ll try to be more vigilent this time. I also realize that I’ve got a dual role here — I’m the spokesperson for SUSE Linux Enterprise at Novell, and I’m also an individual member of the community. I’ll try to make it a clear when I’m speaking in which role… because not everything I write can or should be the official position of Novell. (Despite what some journalists have been writing these days 🙂 I’m actually just a middle manager at Novell and while I have input into the company’s strategic direction, I’m not on Ron’s executive leadership team, and those are the folks who set Novell’s direction.)

So here’s what I can promise. I’ll be open. I’ll be honest. I’ll be direct. And I’ll be opinionated. (Anyone who knows me shouldn’t be surprised by that.) And I intend to be the biggest darn advocate that I can for SUSE Linux Enterprise, because I do think it’s the best distribution on the planet; I am excited about Novell’s future, and I do think that SUSE Linux Enterprise can truly help customers solve their business problems.

Thanks in advance for reading, and please don’t be shy about writing to me!


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